VGA-615DM Analog VGA

VGA-615DM Analog VGA

VGA-615DM Display Port

The VGA-615DM Display Port driver board for the eMagin VGA OLED is designed for binocular applications where each display engine must move independently and receive the same video content.

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VGA-615DM Display Port


The VGA-615DM Display Port supports Display Port video input and comes available with built in EDID to ensure proper video card resolution configuration. A USB configuration cable along with PC software enables total control of the OLED via registers settings. All user configuration settings are stored in non-volatile memory. The built-in micro controller is available for custom application requirements such as external brightness control, screen rotation etc. External digital and analog I/O ports are also available for customer applications requirements as well.


It can be powered with as little as +3.5 volts and consumes 250mA, it can even be power from your PC’s USB port.


The VGA-1015 is also designed such that the OLEDs can be located up to 5 feet away from the main driver board. Our extension cable is custom made with ultra-fine 38 AWG ribbonized coaxial cable. Because its coax you don’t have to worry about external environmental factor affecting the quality of your video content. The extension cable is available in its native flat form or boundled in a round PVC jacket with an outside diameter of 0.213 inches. The interface board that mates with the OLED is the same as the OLED and thus solves the most challenging packaging and space limited requirements.

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Input Voltage Range

Low: +3.3 - 5.0 V

Video Mode

1 Input / 2 Outputs


HDMI Audio

OLED Mounting

Remote from Driver Board

Refresh Rate

30 - 85 Hz