The Cyclone 5 SoC OLED is the most powerful and smallest SoM available to date on the market. It features the largest Intel 5CSXFC6D6F31I7N cyclone 5 SoC on a PCB that measures 66 x 56 mm. In addition, it’s the only Cyclone 5 SoM that includes 1GB 32bit DDR3 of memory on the FPGA fabric and 1,2,4 or 8 GB of 40bit DDR3 memory on the HPS fabric (via memory expansion board). The C5SoC-SoM-Processor is a complete video processing system designed to meet the needs of most mission critical applications that requires real-time video processing with multiple video inputs and output channels operating simultaneously. Designers can leverage our in-house designed FPGA IP cores to enhance their application capabilities to reduce risk and the time-to-market window. With a size smaller than a credit card (66 x 56 mm) and low power consumption, the C5SoC-SoM-Processor is well suited for space limited applications.

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Memory– In addition to the 1GB of 32Bit DDR3 SDRAM and 64MB QSPI flash, a Solid State Industrial rated (-40 to +90C) SD card (up to 8GB) for those applications that requires operating in harsh environments. Commercial / off-the-shelf SD card can also be used. 

Video Input—The C5SoC-SoM-Processor supports a wide range of industry standard input formats such as Display Port, HDMI, DVI, Analog VGA, RS170, NTSC, PAL, and HD-SDI.  Simultaneous video inputs are supported (4 channels of video); and, by utilizing our image processing block, video up/down scaling, cropping, video-on-video, picture-on-picture and much more can be added to any application. Custom  and specialized video input are also supported, contact us for more info 

Video Output– Video outputs such as HD-SDI, HDMI, LVDS, and other custom video formats are supported. Output video drivers are also available for all eMagin OLEDs (VGA,SVGA, SXGA,WUXGA). The C5SoC-SoM-Processor supports 3 simultaneous video output channels. 

Peripherals— Standard communication interfaces such as UART, RS485, RS422, SPI, I2C, CAN, Gigabit, Ethernet, battery backed Real-time-Clock and PCI express are all supports. A secured serial EEPROM is also included to store MAC address and other information deemed required.

In summary, by coupling our hardware/software design capabilities, FPGA cores and our design know-how with the Intel Altera Cyclone 5 SoC, the possibilities of the C5SoC-SoM-Processor are endless and are only limited to the designer’s imagination. Hence, send us your requirements so we can fulfill them. 

Graphic Engine—The C5SoC-SoM-Processor iis designed to utilize our a custom designed graphic processing engine that can tackle the most demanding GUI, graphic overlays, menu system, icon generation, graphic primitives display requirements.

With our graphic engine, creating a system with rich icons and on-screen user symbology is now easier than ever. Our graphic engine supports different font sizes, custom fonts, and much more. In addition, we can customize our graphic engine to meet your requirements. More information can be found on our website located here: https://www.mradigital.com/oled-rtos

Object Tracking—In addition to our graphic engine, our image processing core supports many capabilities to including real-time:

  • Tracking of various classes of objects
  • Motion detection of various classes of objects
  • Automatic tracking of any object type
  • Tracking of ground, surface, aerial objects and people
  • Automatic real-time automatic object detection and tracking.
  • 2D video stabilization and much more.





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Additional information

Video Input Type

Analog VGA, Composite, Display Port, Digital RGB, Dual DVI, Dual HDMI, Dual NTSC/PAL, HD-SDI



Input Voltage Range

Wide: +5.0 - 18.0 V

Image Processing

Custom Image Processing, Data Fusion, Motion Detection, Object Recognition, On Screen Display, Thermal Outlining, Video Overlay, Video Shifting/ Cropping, Video Splitting (Left/Right), Video Splitting (Top/Bottom), Video Scaling

OLED Mounting

Remote from Driver Board