IPC-Auto Exposure

IPC-Auto Exposure

IPC-2D Noise Reduction

ASIC/FPGA 2D Noise Reduction IP Core for image and video processing and applications.

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IPC-2D Noise Reduction

2D Noise Reduction (2DNR) Signal distortion, or “noise”, is an unavoidable by-product of amplifiers. Even when working at optimal level, digital amplifiers, whether used in audio or video applications, create some noise. Video “noise” can take the form of “static”, fog, speckles, haze, fuzz, transparent color bocks and other visual artifacts that make your images look less than crystal clear. Therefore noise reduction is an important aspect of surveillance camera design and selection. It becomes even more important as display technology advances and gives people the ability to view higher and higher resolution images.
The 2D Noise Reduction block performs 2D spatial noise reduction on the image. The 2D noise filter operates on a 5 x 5 filtering window for each color plane.
Multilevels of selectable filter strength including bypass
In-system update of smoothing filters
YCbCr 4:4:4 input and output
Supports 8, 10, and 12-bits per color component input and output

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